Sync Rhino on multiple networked windows PCs

I have Rhino 7 installed on 3 different Windows 10 PC’s, they are all on the same network, only one is every used at a time. I’m wondering what the best way to synchronize these over the network would be so that I end up with an identical experience at any location.

I’ll spend a lot of time on one system and organize everything just right for my work flow, then I need to do something from another PC and I can’t even find things anymore. I would really like syncronize absolutely every possible setting to the other PCs so they all look exactly the same.

The best solution would be to store all the settings, etc, on my server, instead of on any one local drive, then no matter what system I am on or what minor changes I make, the changes will instantly be reflected next time I start Rhino on another system.

If this is not possible, then having a way to backup everything and restore it would work. I want to be sure to get everything, even the things in Appdata, like the templates as I will customize templates for new models, or custom buttons, or any other scripts, it would be great if those would be on the other PCs as well… I want to not be able to tell what PC I am on… Rhino in all locations absolutely identical… even as far as last file opened.

I could set up a robocopy script to copy absolutely everything to the other computers, but that isn’t the best solution because I would need to copy everything to a master location then copy it back to each of the PCs, having everything always stored and retrieved on a server by Rhino would be the best solution.


That is on the Wish List for a future version of Rhino.
There are things you can do now, but none are complete or fully automatic.

It gets really tricky when the systems you are transferring between are not identical with respect to operating systems, screen resolution, number of screens, GPUs, etc.