Rhino licence on two computers

I would like to know if I can have my Rhino 6 licence on two computers. I have a PC at home that I use for my university work and I also have a mac with bootcamp installed windows, which I bring to university? I never use rhino on the two computers simultaneously and I am the only person to use this licence.



Yes, you can. Simply create a Rhino Account at https://accounts.rhino3d.com, go to the licenses page, and enter your license into the personal section. You will then be able to alternate the use of your single license on any number of machines.

Thanks you very much! It is very easy to make it work.

How smoothly does the alternation work? From say a desktop in a an office, going to a laptop in a downstairs workshop. Would you have to only ensure Rhino on the machine you were using is closed down when you want to run it on the alternate machine? Or does it need to be a complete shutdown of the computer it was on?



You will get a small message box every time you switch asking you if you want to transfer the license to the current machine. Even if a Rhino was still active on another machine, if you answer yes, it will transfer the license. On the original machine from which the license was removed, if a Rhino was indeed running, all Rhino functions will be disabled except for save (allowing you to save the current file) and close.

Sorry for hijacking the thread. Cloud Zoo needs to be working first too right…

Yep. Only way to share a single license between multiple computers is one of the Zoos - LAN for internal network use, Cloud for either internal or anywhere use.