Symantec false positive?

I have a user that was prompted in Rhino to download a plugin, MeshFromPoints.rhp from and our Symantec Endpoint Protection marked it as a security risk (WS.Reputation.1).
Has anyone else seen this? Is it safe to bypass SEP and download it?


Hi Jeff - there should of course be no viruses in MeshFromPoints.rhp or any other McNeel plug-in or download. I don’t know why the WS.Reputaion.1 should be attached to that plug-in…


Thanks Pascal.

I went ahead and released it from the quarantine to install it and when we run it we get a Rhino Plug-in Error: meshfrompoints.rhp Unable to load meshfrompoints.rhp plug-in: Initialization Failed.

She had tried to download directly from the program and I have tried right-clicking on the file and selecting Install in Rhino but neither work. Do you know what this means and how to get around it so we can get this plug-in installed?


Hi Jeff - the way to use this thing is, with Rhino closed, to replace the MeshFromPoints.rhp that is in the Rhino installation folder (C:\Program Files\Rhinoceros 5 (64-bit)\Plug-ins) with the downloaded one. Any luck?


That seems to have taken care of it.

Thanks for the help Pascal.