MeshFrom Point - Rhino 5 gets Rhino 4 plugin


When I attempt to use MeshFromPoint in Rhino 5 evaluation, it asks if I want to download a plugin, but the plugin dialogue gives instructions for installing Rhino 4.

  1. Will that plugin work in Rhino 5 ?
  2. Why is the plugin missing ?

(Brian James) #2

Hi 3schoolroad,

Yes, this plugin will work in Rhino 5 but the version of Rhino 5 you’re using determines the plugin folder location to add the rhp file to. If you are using Rhino 5 32 bit (x86), the plugins for Rhino 4 will load in that version but you could also place the rhp for this plugin in the Rhino 5 plugins folder and drag and drop it into Rhino from that location too if you had first deleted the rhp file of the same name from the Rhino 4 folder. Do all of the deleting of existing meshfrompoints plugins while Rhino is closed as instructed, then launch Rhino and drag and drop the rhp you download into Rhino to load it. The command should then work for you in Rhino 5.