Sweeping in an array

Is there a way to sweep multiple curves with multiple sections. Looks like a kind of loop to be done or is there a way to directly process it with GH? Both are in a particular array.

hull design.3dm (2.9 MB)
HullDesign.gh (16.6 KB)


The Sections (S) input of the Sweep1 component is as list, meaning it will use the entire list of curves (or the entire branch of a tree) at once.

If you want to use a single section curve for each sweep, this means you have to provide a tree with a single element in each branch. This means you have to Graft the input, and consequently also graft the Rail input so the structures match.


I think I’m not too far from understanding your statement, but still not. : )
Not very familiar with trees. You mean gh can’t figure out what section to use with what curve?

If you leave it as is, GH will try to use all 23 sections for each rail. But because 22 of those sections are not on the rail, it fails.
If you only graft the sections, GH will try to sweep each section on each rail, which is also not what you want.

You’re right, I would like gh to take first item of section array, and sweep it around first item of rails’ array. And so on with following items.
I understand the will is valuable, but the process is weak.
Do you mean that sections and rails should be in the same array?

P.S : My english is quite weak as well.

ok got it. Just have to graft… Thanks a lot : )

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