Proper curve params for Sweep 1 success

Hello community,

I am trying to make a GH definition that will create a series of “wires” based on some curves that are projected onto a model.

I am having issues getting this to work with the sweep 1 component.

I have tried setting all the rails to the same direction and getting the section curves on the start points of each rail curve but still some of the sweeps fail.

When I rebuild the rail curves and change some of their parameters some of the sweeps work while others that worked with different parameters cease to work.

Can anyone help with getting all the sweeps to work?

Attached are images of some of my different attempts while trying to get this to work. As well as my files.

. (22.5 KB)
dolphin01.3dm (7.7 MB)


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Not sure why you’d like to use “Sweep” BTW…
Why don’t you just use Pipe instead? (1021.3 KB)