Sweep 1 - Multiple section curves in both ends of multiple rail curves


(Mhhn) #1

Dear all

My question is related to the Sweep 1 component. I want to know how to sweep multiple section curves in both ends of multiple rail curves. My issue is illustrated in the attached pictures. I have 4 rails curves and 5 section curves, where each of choose 5 section curves consists of 8 closed curves.

so i need to:
Sweep section curves 1&2 along rail curve 1
Sweep section curves 2&3 along rail curve 2
Sweep section curves 3&4 along rail curve 3
Sweep section curves 4&5 along rail curve 4

I hope that my problem can be solved by use of only one sweep component.

Kind regards

Question 1.gh (12.4 KB)
Question 1.3dm (1.0 MB)

internalized GH file:
Question 1.gh (21.0 KB)

(Michael Pryor) #2

Flatten the sections list, shift the list by 1 and negative 1, weave the two lists together. Other than that see point #3

(Mhhn) #3

Hi Michael

Thanks for your answer. I have just tried your suggestion but unluckily. I have uploaded my files, maybe you can show me what you think?


Question 1.gh (12.4 KB)
Question 1.3dm (1.0 MB)

(Michael Pryor) #4

Sorry cannot open the file, don;t have R6 on this machine. You can just internalize your referenced GH curves and send only the Gh file.

(Mhhn) #5

Sorry, here is the internalized GH file

Question 1.gh (21.0 KB)


you cannot plug the datatree into it, plug in the curves instead

(Mhhn) #7

Hi Gijs

If i do it that way my Brep becomes one element instead of 4 elements as I have chosen :frowning:

(Michael Pryor) #8

Yes the issue is a list matching one as well. No time to look at the moment

(Michael Pryor) #9

You can do something like this with groups.

GroupSweep.gh (21.8 KB)