Sweep 1 with multiple rails and multiple sections (Data entry format)

Hi All,

Just having a little problem with the ol’ sweep 1 not performing the way I would expect.

I have a file where I am trying to sweep x amount of closed curves along y amount of rails.

I thought it would be a simple job using the following. Each rail is in a list with the relevant set of sweep curves

This did not work! I assume because you can have multiple curves per sweep. So I tried this

And then I tried flattening it for good measure (to get a “shortest lacing”

Getting a bit frustrated I checked it worked individually and it does

My question is; there must be a way to sweep multiple curves on multiple paths to achieve this (Yes they do need to be split unfortunately!):

Any clues?

I stupidly provided the wrong file - please see below"

Make sure to internalize any geometries.

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Thanks Amir, completely attached the wrong file!

Sweep issue.gh (15.9 KB)

There are some issues where the segments meet, but have a look anyway:

Sweep issue_re.gh (17.3 KB)

why is this not an option?
Sweep issue_re2.gh (17.2 KB)

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Just had a look at these - The top one is the one type of tree structure I didn’t try!

Unfortunately, I need these as separate pieces. The example I uploaded was a simplified problem. In reality, these extrusions are going to stop before hitting the next profile.

I looked into splitting the continuous one (sweep issue_re2) through creating a planar surface, hpwever I cannot seem to split these curves all at once (I end up getting several sets of two). Sorry to be a pain - but you don’t happen to know how to “split with multiple curves” do you?

Sweep issue_re2_resp.gh (19.1 KB)

“split with multiple curves” as SplitMul ? :wink:


I think you are pretty much doing it from an reverse engineering approach,
worth thinking about how did you align those section profiles in the first place.

Also from my exp, make sure you have consistent seam for section profile and rails,
especially when you have rails that might be closed curves.

It usually works better when having rails running through centres of the profiles.

Tubes.gh (19.0 KB)

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