2 rail sweep on grid panels

I’m trying to make a pretty simple pattern by drawing curves within panels and then draw a profile (catenary arch in this case) and sweep it using the lines in the panels. I have managed to make half of it (see image) but now I’m trying to sweep the same section in the spaces in between the current sweeps. I think I have al the ingredients (the rails, the section), but something about the order of the data must be wrong as it doesn’t work.

My guess is I have to somewow tell GH to loft curve 1 (left rails group) with curve 0 (right rails group) - but haven’t managed. One way would be to cull the original panels and redraw the curves, but that would make the definition massive and quick and dirty. curve in grid_V3.gh (20.1 KB)

Here’s my definition, if you want to have a go at it or suggest improvements. Any idea will be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

curve in grid_V3_re.gh (24.4 KB)

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I see, so you rather sweep it all at once. Brilliant! thank you so much - will have to study a little to understand your definition - didn’t know the sort points component.

Again thanks for helping out & so promptly!

it’s me again.
i’m now using your method and trying to have 3 profiles, curves at the ends and arches in the middle, and sweep it all along the lines. I think I have build the rails and sections correctly but obviously sth is wrong with the data set order…

If you want to take a look, it’s the orange framed section
curve in grid_V4_re_M_clean_for review.gh (39.9 KB)

thank you

curve in grid_V4_re_M_clean_for review_re.gh (33.1 KB)

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oh god :see_no_evil:
thank you again