Sweep1 Preview Broken?

Continuing the discussion from Sweep1 Roadlike Top?:

@lowell, changing the style of the sweep in the Sweep1 dialog in the attached example doesn’t change the resulting sweep. I like that there’s no preview button anymore, but I’m starting to wonder if the control actually does anything?

Yeah, we changed to do simple sweeps when we can now without asking.
Simple sweep only uses one way of getting sweep frames and I didn’t think about that when I changed it.
The frame generator types only do anything when the sweep isn’t simple.
I guess we need to see if we can come up with a reason we even need the roadlike options. I know there are old exampes of that, but the Freeform frame generator got quite a bit better than it used to be during the v5 lifespan.
I’ll see if I can come up with something from old bug report files.

I see some examples where roadlike works better than freeform so I’ll add that control into simple sweep.

Cool. Did you create a YouTrack issue for this?

One easy to see example where free form doesn’t work well is with a helix as the rail. I’d like to better understand what causes that.