Sweep1D style roadlike top option is missing

Hi am using Rhino5, wanted to make a slide with section profile line sweep along the rail track.
But I can’t find the roadlike top option, with only roadlike front and right left.

Do anyone know if there’s any problem with my model or my model?

Thanks a lot.

Hi Liang - please post your curves in a 3dm file, I’ll take a look.


Sure Pascal,please find the model. Thanks!sweep 1d curves.3dm (747.3 KB)

Hi Liang- the file does not have a Top viewport… at first glance I say this should not matter, and it is a bug, but if you run 4View to get the standard four viewports, it should work for now.


Whoa, that is working perfectly now!! Very helpful, thanks so much Pascal. :smile: :smile: