Sweep multiple rails and sections


Sweep1 doesn’t work for me. I need to sweep four lines along multiple rails and only some of the sweeps are created.
I believe
220508-forum.gh (20.0 KB)
my data trees are correct:

Can you help me identify the problem?

The problem isn’t data tree, is that you are trying to adjusting the curve seams.

220508-forum_h.gh (15.0 KB)

Thanks for you input hesro, but you sweep with rectangles and not lines. The diffrence is significant because sweeping with rectangles make texture mapping wrong later on. So I need to explode the rectangles and do indyvidual sweeps with each lines.

I took your simplified script and tried to make line sweeps:

because the curves are planar I would also consider not sweeping but just offset + extrude + loft + cap holes

220508-forum_Re.gh (15.8 KB)

You can deconstruct sweep and get each faces, i think it will work well this way. ( btw @inno 's approach may also work depending on what you want to achieve.)

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Thanks Inno!. (Surface texture mapping also works well for lofts so it didn’t have to be sweep)

good, I also think you might get the very same final result by exploding the final breps as @hesro suggested in his last post

Surprisingly there is a difference of exploding sweep made from a rectangle inside rhino and exploding it inside grasshopper. The former causes surface mapping problems and the latter works just fine as good as loft or sweep with line.