Multiple sweep 2

Hi All,

Noob here, I have to create many objects and I usually do this manually using sweep2.

Wondering how to run multiple sweep2s using grasshopper, can anyone help? I’ve tried but my lack of knowledge hinders me greatly …

Id be forever grateful

Thanks in advance…

With out the Grasshopper or rhino file no one can help with this screen shot (missing attachments with minimal files )

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I think a possible solution could be something like this. But obviously without knowing what you have in your file so I can only guess :sweat_smile:, but the logic should be similar to this.

You need to get all the curves that represent the bottom rail (rectangles), all the curves for the top rails (circles) and the curves that represent the sections. I assume the problem is that they are not going to be “ordered” in the same way, meaning you need to have the first rectangle - circle - section to correspond with what you see in each “block”. But as this depends on many things (the order they were drawn, the order you select them with grasshopper…) what you need to do is reorder everything to do the the sweeps.

I am assuming that the circles are the ones with the good order (it does not really matter what you choose, rectangles or sections, actually). Then I calculate which rectangle and sections are the closest to each circle, to reorder them, so that you can do the sweep with the corresponding geometry.

Sweep (13.9 KB)

3. Attach minimal versions of all the relevant files

Thanks guys, here’s the file i’m working with…

Multiple Sweep 2.3dm (388.4 KB)


with this change you can make it work.

Sweep (34.9 KB)

There is only one issue with your initial file: there are 91 bottom lines and 91 top lines, but there 92 profile lines… I checked if one of them is duplicated (but it is not the case) and I cannot see where is the extra one, so just use the script with small portions of your file, until you locate the extra line.