Sweep multiple curves problem

Hi all,

Noob here, I searched the forums but could not find any similar example.
I have an issue with sweep, I have multiple curves derived from facade geometry and I would like to sweep ‘cross section’ same curve through all of them, I have placed the section curve at each start of the rails. When I try to sweep along those curves-rails it does not generate any geometry, but if I list those same curves and it makes a single sweep than it works, is there a simple way to make this work?
Also I have an issue that some profiles are rotated in wrong side.
Attached some images for ilustration

You will have to post a Grasshopper file.

Internalise the input geometry by right clicking the inputs and then click ‘Internalise Data’

Hi Martin,

Thanks for you reply. Please find attached grasshopper file.

308gr.gh (740.8 KB)

You need to graft the inputs on the Sweep2 component. This creates a tree structure and the Sweep2 command knows which curves belong together.

Another thing I changed is the frame alignment which not always seemed correct.

308gr.gh (743.0 KB)

This is perfect.
Martin thank you for your time and explanation, I really appreciate it.

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