Hi community,

I’m stuck to run the sweep1 and have no idea why it doesn’t work. The sweep 1 is supposed to work like image 2, but it resulted in image 1.

Can you solve this problem, please? (21.6 KB)

Some of your section lines are duplicated. If you remove the duplicates, your sweeps work as expected. (25.2 KB)

Edit: Looking more closely at your file, the duplicates are coming from the output of the Curve | Curve (CCX) components. Culling duplicate points here may be better than my previous answer. (28.2 KB)

Actually the solution below from @Joseph_Oster is probably the best answer as it reduces the complexity of your file.


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Do you expect this?

A series of choices make this code far more complex than it needs to be. Remarkably, your data trees looked OK though all of that. I think the reason it failed might be that you didn’t have section curves (lines) at the end of your rails? Or maybe not… (36.2 KB)

I started with the intention of moving only one pair of components to clarify the image of the code: (30.9 KB)

But then got carried away… Used the same circles that created the surface instead of a separate set. Result is not the same (not sure why? :thinking:) but it’s not bad. (29.9 KB)

Seam adjustments maybe? (25.6 KB)

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Thank you so much, Kevin! Yes, I think I’ll use his idea.

Thank you so much for giving me this brilliant idea! That fixed mine and made it simple and clear.