SVG layers sorting by color

Hi all, long time trying to find method that allow to sort svg layers by color, im new in rhino so sorry if there simple function for it.

I need to make sorting to export in svg for another program where i use order of layers to manipulate with them

Here some example in grayshades style so i need to sort from bright to dark, exported ordered curves can be in dxf or svg. (7.2 MB)

Hello- you’ll need a script for that as far as I know- or GrassHopper - if no one jumps in, I’ll have a look later in the day.


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Yeah, probably need some script in gh but after long researching i can’t find even some examples for that funcional, so your help will be helpful, thanks)

I see, so you are not asking about Rhino layers, but svg layers… I don’t know if I can help there I’m afraid.


It’s sad but thank you for trying to help


We have a Layer By Colour Command (yes we are British so its not Color! :cowboy_hat_face:) in our CAD CAM software ZebraCut.
layer by (7.6 MB)

Here is the output,

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Got it about colour :slightly_smiling_face:

Looks like that software great for all machines, but its kinda hard to get it and expensive for 1 feature that i need :sweat_smile:

Thank you for file example, will try to play with it.