Import SVG file?

I’ve searched and looked and nothing. I would like to verify there is no way to read an SVG file please. Or find out hows to do it. Thanks. I haven’t tried it myself, but this ought to answer your question.

There are also a few threads in the old grasshopper forum on this topic

No, I had already seen the first one. All that does is tell you to select the SVG file type when importing a file. What it doesn’t tell you is how to get around the fact that Rhino doesn’t have an SVG file type option when importing a file. The second one is out of scope for me as I have no experience with GH.

Do you have Rhino 5 ou 6 ? SVG import/export is just in Rh6 !

I have Rhino 5. I can’t spring for the upgrade until it’s become invaluable. It seems to work with SVG files I only have to learn Inkscape and convert them there.

In my opinion comparing Rhino5 vs Rhino6 simply looking at the performance and it is already worth the upgrade. Although, if Rhino7 is coming soon, better wait for that.
On the other hand. McNeel has stated in many posts that they don’t backport new funcionalities. Meaning your chance of getting SVG import as a OOTB is 0.

I have used inkscape, there isn’t much that you need to learn to make the conversion, but don’t expect AutoCAD quality.

I suggest you try DraftSight. The free version has almost all autocad functionalities.

Sorry I didn’t realise you’re in 5. Upgraded my personal license as soon as it was available. It’s definitely worth every penny. Work took a few more months to upgrade. It certainly helped our case that we were receiving v6 files from some architects we were working with.