SVG import problems

I’ve found there are random glitches when importing SVG files in rhino6 despite import being otherwise fairly stable.

White background with ruler is original illustrator file, white background with frame is showing the SVG being read by OSX’s quick view fine, and gray background is imported SVG in which one or two control points have jumped.

In other, more dense files I’ve found that the same sort of glitch will happen all over the place – more than just once per import.

I do not see any actionable details here.

If you have a SVG file that imports incorrectly into Rhino, please post it here.
If the same file imports correctly into some other application please include those details too.
SVG files are relatively simple so there isn’t much that can go wrong.



This file opens successfully in Google Chrome and fails to open in Rhino. Exported from Adobe Illustrator.


This curve is imported incorrectly. Exported from Adobe Illustrator and shows correctly in Google Chrome.

Hello- please post the svg file or send to with a link back to this topic in your notes.


The images embedded with the post are the SVGs (right-click “Save image as…” will provide the original SVGs). Thanks for your support!