Importing svg files into rhino

Hey, so I made a file in inkscape and I would like to import it into rhino, but whatever I try there are always wuite a few errors and it never shows up the way its supposed to. I tried importing it as an svg file, saving it as an dxf file and importing it like that, or saving and importing it as an pdf, nothing seemed to work there is always something wrong.
(I would like to import it as hatches, if I import it as curves there always end up beeing intersecting loops so I cant use hatch on it after I import it)
Here is an example svg file that I would like to import into rhino


I use Affinity Photo to convert SVG to PDF. Rhino can import PDF files. (Affinity Photo is Photoshop clone.)

I already tried importing it as an pdf, no Idea why but even then, there were big parts missing that showd up in the pdf but didn’t show up in rhino

Maybe post a sample .svg file with an image of how it is in the software you’re developing it in so that they can import it into Rhino and check.

Hi -

Yes, I see there are several things going on with that file that you posted. I’ll add a few YTs here.

I’ve added:

  • RH-74252 File IO: SVG Import: Point scaling issue
  • RH-74241 Annotation: Hatch: Invisible hatch is produced

and updated:

  • RH-62287 Hatch: Locate self-intersections

SVG is very common format, but Rhino does not support it.