Surface to 3D printed layer lines script?

Hello, I am a long time user of rhino and a novice to grasshopper. I am trying to develop a script that would allow me to select a surface in rhino and give it layer lines like from a 3d printer (example image attached).

Does anyone have a good idea how to do this/where to start?


what you are asking in not very clear but I understand from your (not clear) image you want a 3d object with the layers like the one on the walls of the image. Is it that ?

The most simple is surely to apply a texture !

But if you want a 3d object, it is quite easy with Dendro or pipes

Yes that is exactly what I am looking for! Is there anyway I could download that script?


As you didn’t upload a geometry and a script. Sending now a script is quite not useful ad it will surely not be adapted to your geometry. You speak of surface I used a brep. You didn’t say if the layer must be strinctly inside the volume (brep) but you speak of surface. If it is just for rendering a texture and displacement is surely more easy to do… So clear question more clear answer.

there is just 6 components you just need to upload Dendro plugin. But you could also use pipe after the Contour component.