Surface/Rail revolve

I’m doing the SECRETS OF RHINO mountain bike tutorial. While building the pedal and it’s components. I noticed that the profile curve and the path curve are missing for the surface/rail revolve. Is there something wrong with my files or, are these curves missing in all downloads?

The nature of the rail revolve command makes it possible to always recover the input curves from the result surface.

So if the surface is there you should be able to use DupEdge to recreate the original curves.

That’s the problem. The curves are not there. Neither the profile or path curve are visible in my viewport.

As Jim said, use the DupEdge command on the surface.

I still don’t understand. Which surface are you referring to?

They are referring to the surface that is the result of the rail revolve. It should be possible to extract what you need from the result.

It’s hard to say without the 3D model or any other input - is this picture showing the curves that you are missing?

This is also a good reminder: never delete curves! I’m not sure why people do this. In the class I teach, students do it to “save disk space” or “keep the screen clean.” Neither are good reasons.

The curves take up almost no space, so keep them. If they’re in the way, put them on their own layer ‘CURVES’ and just turn it off. Chances are good that you will need to make a change or two in the future. It’s SO MUCH FASTER if you just keep all the curves.

Even if the design changes radically, I still keep the curves. Just put them on another layer called ‘STORAGE’ and forget about it.

Yes! That is the exact picture that is in the tutorial. But, the highlighted curves don’t appear in my viewport.

Try using Shaded view. Sometimes the curves are turned off in other view-modes, especially Rendered.

Also, verify all layers are ON and then un-hide all objects. Its easy to forget.

If all else fails, attach the 3dm file here in a message here…

OK! I give up trying to do this portion of the tutorial. There was no 3dm file attached to your response.

Dude! Check out these high quality lynda tutorials by my favorite trainer. If you’re not a member, here’s a link for 10-days free.

It doesn’t really matter what format the files are in but since you are working on something in Rhino, you have a Rhino 3dm file.