Rail revolve

revolve.3dm (28.3 KB)

I don’t know if this makes sense. I will try my best to explain.

in rhino4 if I use the rail revolve using those curves with history on and move the section curve the surface becomes editable like the picture above. I attached the file which was saved in rhino4. if you rail revolve and history “on” and move the section curve and turn on the points the surface becomes a closed surface but editable.
but in rhino 5 this doesn’t work. is it possible to make the same one in rhino5??

I think this is because in V4 you had crease splitting set to No (the default is Yes). If crease splitting is set to no, Rhino will try to make creased single surfaces at kink points, not polysurfaces.

You can do the same thing in V5, just type CreaseSplitting and set SplitAlongCreases=No.

Beware, this is not a recommended procedure, creased surfaces can cause problems with other operations including meshing, Boolean operations and exports to other programs.


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Wow.that’s what I want.I often wanted to manipulate the polysurfaces.didn’t know if was possible.
thanks alot for your help!

Well, if you just want to manipulate straight edged polysurfaces like that (without having to make them into single kinked surfaces) you might want to try SolidPtOn with the polysurface…


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that’s amazing.I learned a lot from you. :smile:
thanks alot again