Rail revolve doesn't create smooth surface

hej everyone,
i tried to make a konkave surface with railrevolve and i also tried to use matchsrf to create a surface without edges. but i keep on getting these kind of corners in my surface. Does anyone know how to solve that problem? i just want to create a smooth surface without edges.
thanks in advance,

Post a .3dm file with the geometry including the input to the commands you used and the results. You can either drag the file to where you type a post, or click on the vertical arrow icon above where you type a post.

sure! you’ll finde it attached
2206207_problem_02.3dm (181.9 KB)

Hi Carlotta - the end of the profile curve and the vertical axis are microscopically off - use End OSnap to set the end of the profile curve exactly on the axis. It may help to move that point away first then snap it back.


thanks a lot pascal !