Surface modeling problems

Hi everyone, I have been checking this forum for some time and you guys helped me a lot while reading your posts, so thank you very much.

I have just created my account because I feel so fustrated modeling the sole of this shoe, I have achieved the general shape but I am having problems to define the sole details (Lumps and crevices in the sole). I have tried to trimm, offset and blend with the general shape without success, the shape is not looking like the original design and my mind is blocked.

This is the shape I want to achieve:

This is what I have right now:

Any idea about what I can do to get this done?

Thanks a lot.

I’d try a different approach. Rather than making the entire sole from one surface, try making an “outer” and an “inner” surface, and then cutting the different high-relief areas out with surfaces that connect the outer and inner surfaces.

Start with something like this (not that I added some surfaces for thickness after taking these screenshots:

Then extrude the curves:

Trim the surfaces to one another:

And a lot of filleting, of which this is just a start:

You can break out the rough-textured surfaces the same way.

The point is not to try to make one surface do everything, but split it up into as many pieces as you need.

Good luck!


I will try that! Thank you.