Extruding pattern on a surface

Hello people,

first of all I am sorry if this is a total noob question but I currently started learning rhino. In the process of learning rhino I wanted to model one of my favorite sneakers and I am stuck at adding the sole pattern to the non flat shoe sole. I have not found a way how to go about doing that so If anyone could point me into the right direction whether it be a tip, video tutorial, article or thread on the forum I would highly appreciate it.

I have tried projecting the curves onto the surface and extruding the curves as solids but it is not treating all the curves equally. Also it’s just a straight extrusion but i would not even mind as I only want to model and render it but if there is a way to take the surface normals into consideration I would prefer that way.

Here is the file if someone wants to have a look at where I am currently at.

Thanks in advance.

Soletest.3dm (10.6 MB)

overbuild you base surface (don’t trim the profile of your shoe…yet)

then project your curves to your surface, then extrude them.

since your curves are not planar (and some of them not closed), they will not be solid extrusions.

if you need that look at the flow along surface command

or you can over build your extrusions, then use boolean split with an offset surface from your original to make your contours.

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Another thing you can try.

Select your sole surface.

SetPt > Z only > Copy = Yes

Do all your detail on the flat version.

FlowAlongSurface all the details from the flat version to the sole surface.