Only creating mesh, not full model

Hi! I’m brand new to Rhino and hoping to create a running shoe in 2-3 days for my masters project (!)
I have spent a while creating a shoe last (basically a foot shape) and I have the shape in sketches, however, when I try to create surface using various curves, it only creates a mesh and not a full surface model.
I have checked all the connection points and they are fine.
I think the problem is the bottom base acts as if it’s open and won’t close over. I think this might be because when I first drew the bottom base sketch I created a layer for it. I then created a new layer for the rest of the model and I’m not sure if having them as two separate layers is causing an issue.
I’ve tried dragging one layer under the other so they’re related somehow but still only forming a mesh.
As I said I’m brand new so it might be an easy fix (I hope!). Trying to avoid starting again as I have such limited time.
Hope you can help!

We would need some kind of sample model to have any hope of helping you, the description makes no sense.

Hello - does it help to set the viewport to Shaded or Rendered display mode (Viewport title menu)


This is what happens when I try to create a surface- only the mesh is created and the sole is open.
The picture with only lines is showing both of my layers being visible, the flat sole sketch sitting on the grid is hidden before I try to create the mesh (I hide it). It is on a separate layer and I’m not sure if this is why there is an issue creating the model.

Sorry I can’t seem to find those options in the view or viewport tab. I’ve attached a picture of my screen in the viewport layout.

I’ve also gone into tools>options>view as google suggested but it doesn’t show a display mode option which google says it should. I’ve attached a picture.

Hi @rhiannoncaldwell97
Right click where it says Perspective (or Top, Front or Right) in the corner of a viewport and choose Shaded or Rendered instead of Wireframe. And you might want to look into some of the tutorials available before diving head-first into creating a shoe in 3 days.
HTH, Jakob

Lesson learned! Thanks very much for this, sorted now. Been relying heavily on tutorials and googling but couldn’t get that one. I’ll take a look at those tutorials you’ve sent.
Thanks again! Life saver

Sorry I understand what you mean now, thanks so much!