How do I shape this


How do I model the remaining of this?
I tried sweep 2 with one cross section in the middle but it does not work becasue I guess its shrinking towards the ends.

Hello - please post the curves and surfaces you have so far.


MD.3dm (98.7 KB)

Hi Diana - I think I’d make it something like this:

MD_maybe.3dm (133.9 KB)

Where the three input curves are all copies of one of them, edited, and then Loft with History - you can then fine tune the shapes by point editing the curves.


Hi Pascal,
Yes that exactly what I wanted. What do you mean with loft with history?

Hi Diana - turn on Record History

before completing the Loft command. This will link the curves to the surfaces and you can edit the surfaces by editing the curves - try it on my file, turn on the control points for the red curves and move them around. BTW, Loft uses the ‘Straight sections’ style here.


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Thank you so much, Pascal!

Hi does anyone know how I could shape this?
I have already drawn the lines but not quite sure what to do next

Hi Diana - see the attached file - I made the blue curve, copied it twice vertically (red) then made a Loft through the curves with History. You can turn on the curve points to edit the lofted shape.
Diana.3dm (229.7 KB)
Is that it, more or less?


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aha I see now I get it, thank you! :+1:

Hi Pascal,

If I where to continue the red lines and the the blue one to continoue the geometry how do I just continue drawing the polyline and then join each one to each color and loft it?

If this is not a way to do it can I somehow join 2 different shapes to become one?

Hi Diana - what happens if you use ContinueCurve on these?


Hi Pascal,
I tried this and the curves do continue but when half is already lofted and you want to loft the other half it does not work it just turns into a weird surface.
I think the most ideal would be that I could connect 2 of those shapes but not sure how to make it seamless because that means the surface breaks in between