Surface has problem when it loft

this surface show like the picture when I do the loft in the grasshopper. It like the program loft with wrong line. How should I fix it without changing the surface. (If change the surface ,it will be fixed)

image (6.1 KB)

The curve order doesn’t match, here a way to solve that. (7.5 KB)

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Hi @danielbent
Thanks for your solution.

I can understand that take the midpoint of the curve and select the closest, bot how the listitem working?


This video helps to understand how a list item works overall in any case.


ClosestPoint can return the index of the point in the cloud list in relation to the point it searched from. By using Listitem + these indexes you can give the lines the right oder.

Thanks a lot !!


You don’t need explode and join , isotrim already give surfaces
and you need align seams (10.7 KB)

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Thank you!
I haven’t used seam before.I learn something new.