Construct order problem when convert curved surface into mesh by mesh quad

Hi, All.
I am learning to mesh trimed surface, I found even when I followed the order of the tutorial below, I can not easily mesh the surface.
It seems :

  1. the Outermost splited surface has a different construction order, so I have to extract it and re-split it use differen method (mark number 1)
    2.not every quad mesh in the region with mark number 2 has a same connection topology, so some of them are with gradient grey.
    p274 how to split trimed (92.9 KB)

Could any one help me to understand more about the data tree? Seems I still have problems in tackle data correctly. Many thanks!

It seems you are using Deconstruct Brep and Surface Split here and there, so that can’t be able to guarantee the consistency of point order…
Here are three ways I would do when you have simple mesh faces(ie: no Ngons).

p274 how to split trimed (163.5 KB)

Thanks @HS_Kim
Your method is obviously much smarter!
Am I right that , in the ‘LOFT’ process, the weft always can be generated automaticly depending on the division on warp?
Seems I need research further with every button :joy:
Thanks again!

I found a misunderstanding. Kim gave me a brilliant answer, and I want to clarify the ‘loft’ function in this script . Actually, before loft, the original curves have already been splited into segments by command ‘pull curve’ which I forget its use when I script, so many problem occur.
Hope this will help others to understand~