Simple loft between two lines made by 3 sequential points


(Simon) #1

Hi all,

I’m very new to Grasshopper so be gentle with me. This is a small part of a much larger problem I’m working on so I’m sure there will be many more questions to come.

I have three sequential points which I have made into a poly line. After exploding and trying to loft the subsequent two curves, I’m getting a strange twisted surface. I gather that it’s due to the sequence order of points in the second line. How do I flip the sequence?

Thanks in advance.

Loft (5.0 KB)


Like this?

Loft (5.6 KB)

(Simon) #3

That’s it! I thought I would be able to apply this to a series of curves in a list, but the flip function only seems to work on a singular curve. I can split off the curves that need flipping and re combine them in order to loft a number of connecting triangles.

Loft series of (11.3 KB)


Is this what you’re trying to do? (11.6 KB)

Oh, standby… I see the curve flipping issue now… (14.7 KB)

BTW, avoid running data through text panels. It didn’t hurt you this time, but it will.

(Simon) #5

Yes that’s it. Thank you both for your help. So with your approach Joseph, you used a single curve (isolated by the ‘list item’ node) to drive the direction of every other curve (within the ‘flip’ node)?

Thanks again. So good to have a supportive community out there, especially for us beginners.


Exactly as @HS_Kim already demonstrated in his code (above) and as David Rutten demonstrated a day earlier here: