Simple loft between two lines made by 3 sequential points

Hi all,

I’m very new to Grasshopper so be gentle with me. This is a small part of a much larger problem I’m working on so I’m sure there will be many more questions to come.

I have three sequential points which I have made into a poly line. After exploding and trying to loft the subsequent two curves, I’m getting a strange twisted surface. I gather that it’s due to the sequence order of points in the second line. How do I flip the sequence?

Thanks in advance.

Loft (5.0 KB)

Like this?

Loft (5.6 KB)

That’s it! I thought I would be able to apply this to a series of curves in a list, but the flip function only seems to work on a singular curve. I can split off the curves that need flipping and re combine them in order to loft a number of connecting triangles.

Loft series of (11.3 KB)

Is this what you’re trying to do? (11.6 KB)

Oh, standby… I see the curve flipping issue now… (14.7 KB)

BTW, avoid running data through text panels. It didn’t hurt you this time, but it will.

Yes that’s it. Thank you both for your help. So with your approach Joseph, you used a single curve (isolated by the ‘list item’ node) to drive the direction of every other curve (within the ‘flip’ node)?

Thanks again. So good to have a supportive community out there, especially for us beginners.

Exactly as @HS_Kim already demonstrated in his code (above) and as David Rutten demonstrated a day earlier here: