Loft this path

hi! i want to create a road along this curve with the loft function. the loft is created with perpendicular lines to the curve, but i picked some lines to scale and made the road wider in some points.
the problem: when i insert the scaled lines to the list of lines to loft, they are disordered and i cant get the correct shape.
how can i order the lines?

Looks like you are putting geometry into i of “Insert Items”. That should probably be the list coming from you panel of indexes instead.

ok thanks i did it, it worked in the first (10) index, but in the rest of lines thats what happened

Why don’t you use Replace Items instead ofInsert Items?

Like this… (11.1 KB)

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Because you are referring to a list of indexes, where some of the values are higher than length of your list of points. And you probably have Wrap set to true on all the components, so you will be both culling and inserting on a wrapped index, which will make everything go out of sequence.

But yes, using replace is definitely easier.

that’s what i needed :slight_smile: thank you!