Surface From Points (SrfGrid) UV Mapping Discrepancy


When trying to Surface Morph curves from a planar surface to a wavy surface, I noticed that building a surface with Surface From Points yeilds a surface with weirdly non-uniform UV mapping (desipite giving it a perfectly uniform grid.)

Is there a different method I can use to rebuild my surface from points? Or a way to match my wavy surface’s UV mapping with my source surface?

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UV Mapping (206.6 KB)

Tired using 2 other methods of mapping, but the result in edges that do not line up properly…

If I project the original surves onto the warped surface, then use Split Surface I get the best result, but it also takes several times longer to calculate/ gets super heavy…

Is there a better way to spitting my wavy surface?

UV Mapping Discrepancy (71.8 KB)

Just to be clear, projecting the curves onto the wavy surface Brep and then using split surface and extrude is not what you are after is that correct?

You need it to manipulate the geometry instead of a straight projection?

Just checking

Hi Michael :slight_smile:

From what I’ve tried, projecting the curves onto wavy Brep/Surface, then splitting the surface with those projected curves yeilds the most accurate results. However using the split surface with complex surfaces and curves make the script extemly heavy, so it makes it very impracticle to play with geometry before and after the split live.

Splitting a planar surface with the same curves, then using Surface Morph to map them onto my wavy surface is exponentially faster, but warps the UV mapping quite a lot and gives me edges that don’t line up.

I was wondering if there was a better way to achieving the same results the surface spittting does?


Following the idea of this Rhino tutorial

You can actually rebuild the surface with a lot of CPs to make the mapping more uniform.


Awesome! Thank you very much :slight_smile: