UV curves of mesh surface not capturing smoothly

Hi there,

I haven’t used Rhino in a while and have become fairly rusty with it and I have a strong feeling what I’m about to ask has a very simple solution :slight_smile:

I am trying to create some vaporwave style surfaces (something like the first two image examples attached). The way I am trying to do it is by creating a surface, using the rebuild command to increase the number of UV points, and then playing around with the points until I get a desired shape. I then create a mesh & use the unweld command, and then finally use Make2D to create a 2D vector drawing. However I have found that the mesh lines between each point remain straight, and don’t flow/curve the way the examples do (the third image is my attempt of the meshed surface).

I was wondering if there is a simpler way to achieve this? Essentially I just want to create a surface where I can manipulate the points, and have the UV lines flow smoothly when I Make2D it.

I’ll be appreciative of any assistance in this :slight_smile:

Hi Christian -

It sounds like you can use ExtractIsocurve with Direction=Both.

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I knew it was such a simple solution hahaha thank you so much!!