BlendSrf Problem

Hey, im having problems, with the blend srf command generating wavy/ not continuos surfaces.

Its problably down to the 2 surfaces im trying to blend, but why?

-Blendsrf.stp (47.2 KB)

Hi Jose - I see that - not sure yet what it does not like about these inputs. I’ll poke at it some more.
Well, the point arrangement on the lower surface, especially, is not very clean - and the tangent direction makes a big change suddenly right in the area that BlendSrf does not like.

Where possible have the rows and columns of control points line up as well as possible with the curvature directions of the surface - here these are way off.
This looks messy to me - red are the directions of curvature and see how that row ot points is parallel, more or less, to one, on the left, and then to the other on the right?

I’d want this row of points all more in the direction of the smaller arc in this case.

-Blendsrf_Maybe.3dm (203.9 KB)


Thank you very much Pascal!, you nailed it.
What would be the best tool to align the control points?

(I just moved them with the gumball and eye balled them close you your solution.)

Hi Jose - the easiest might be to turn on DragMode >ControlPolygon (Very handy mode for this type of thing) and slide the points along the control polygons until they line up better - you can adjust the shape as well in this mode by holding Ctrl to move the points in the surface normal direction.


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Wow, thats a really nice command!
I went from this mess

to this

Thanks again!

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The bottom input surface is not optimized for this type of a transition, hence the Blend surface fails to create a smooth, natural transition. I would adjust its control points while the History is on on the Blend surface.