Surface from points - null point in grid

Hi, I’m trying to create a surface from points but the function says I have null points in my grid. I tried to cull these using null item and dispatch with no success. Shaded (15.8 KB)

There are null point because you’re dividing a trimmed surface.
Untrim the surface before dividing the surface, modify the points and create new surface from points. Retrim the results surface if you want.


hope this helps

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thanks a lot

Hello everyone,

I have the same Problem here with my surface. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I allready tried to untrim the surface but noting changes the situation.
Can’t find the Problem.
Every Help is welcome.

Thank you

NewMeshine.3dm (9.3 MB) (6.0 KB)

Hi Christophe,

You just have to flatten the points coming out from divide surface component.