Mesh Ray resulting in Nulls

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I’m trying to covert a mesh I created using Kangaroo back to a surface, I’m using the underlying surface and then using Mesh|Ray to project UV points on to the Mesh, then with Surface from Points I’m trying to rebuild a surface that follows the shape of the mesh. However I’m recieving the error message:

“A point in the grid is null. Fitting operation aborted.”

Forumquestion mesh to (18.3 KB)

This method served me well in multiple projects before, but is not yielding any results this time and I cant seem to figure out why.

Your help will be hugely appreciated.

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Yes that’s because some of the grid points don’t exist. You’d need a full grid of points for the command to work.

A quick solution would be to untrim the initial surfaces.

I’m not sure if the retrim is accurate.

Forumquestion mesh to (25.0 KB)

Quad Remesh and a conversion to NURBS would be another option if you can live with a polysurface instead of a surface.

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That’s an eye opener for me and it works like a charm!

I didn’t think of the untrimming and retrimming procedure, but I think I understand;

Basically the trimmed surface in Divide Surface was creating a bunch of Null UV points in the trimmed areas (which are therefore also invisble when you click highlight/select the component.
by untrimming we have all the points valid and later we just ReTrim to get our desired shape.

Quad Remesh + Mesh to PolySurface also works very well for my purpose by the way.

Thanks again for your help Martin!

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