Issue in creating surface from points

I am using point attractor to create points to make a surface. The issue “1. A point in the grid is null. Fitting operation aborted” is popping up when i am trying to create a surface from points.
attached are the files and screenshot of the script.
Kindly please address the problem.for,.gh (19.0 KB) model.3dm (147.4 KB)

Because the surface you are starting with is a trimmed surface, making a grid of points on it results in rows with differing numbers of points. So the points that would have been on the untrimmed surface are now null. Surface from points needs a grid of points, so to fix this just UNTRIM your surface in the beginning, and COPY TRIM to the resulting surface at the end.

for,.gh (14.8 KB)

(If you want it to have the same boundary when looking at it from the top, don’t copy trim and instead extrude the original surface and use it to trim the new surface.)

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Then, check this as well.
Canvas%20at%2022%3B53%3B37 (48.6 KB)

I really thank you for the reply, and i get where i was wrong.
Thank You very much.

Thank You so very much for addressing the problem.
The solution you provided works fine and i am now aware where i was wrong.
I won’t repeat it in future
Thank You