Please help with "Null point in grid - surface from points trouble"

Hey Everybody, can someone please help me with the problem you can see in the picture? I want to generate a surface but the problems is that a point in the grid is null … the base was a polygonal curve i created
Could sb show how to find a solution??

Thank you very very much


at the moment it is hard to help you without a :crystal_ball: . I would say you have not a rectangular grid. with 69*72 points!

So it is better to post a file and surely you’ll fin a helper

Hey Laurent, i tried it with a rectangular grid … but I wanted another geometry so I used a polyline with more than 4 points …

A surface has a very simple topology. Nu points in a direction Nv in the over direction. if you want a polyline it could be better to split/trim the surface.
Or have a grid that is slightly deformed.