Multiple Surface Edge Filleting

Hi All.
Would really appreciate some help on filleting multiple surface edges. Please firstly refer to file cnc-beak3.3dmcnc-beak3.3dm (2.7 MB) All intersecting surfaces need to be filleted to have a 3.5mm radius. I have explored several options with some success on certain polysurfaces. Please refer to file LJS-JB_PG .3dm LJS-JB_PG.3dm (491.5 KB)which show a section of the model in isolation which had some success, however please refer to file LJS-20-04-16.3dmLJS-20-04-16.3dm (125.5 KB) which highlights the problematic surfaces I am facing within the model which is posing to be a challenge filleting.
Many thanks in advance. Lee

Hi Lee - I sent you an example via - did you see that?


I did, thank you Pascal. I’m just trying out planarsrf from dupface. Having limited success with dupfaceborder so in places have used silhouette.

Thanks for quick reply will let you know how I get on.

Many thanks,


HI Lee - I just noticed, I left a step out from the actual file - Explode, then ChangeDegree to 1 in both directions before the DupBorder on the surfaces - some of the surfaces have slight curvature, apparently, so this will flatten them.


Pascal you’re a star, thank you ever so much this is exactly what I was after. Best Lee