Fillet edge/surface help

Hi Rhino community, anyone have tips on smoothening the edges on this surface? I built it with “network surface” so that I could get this particular shapes, but now that I want to “fillet edge” it is NOT filleting clean-ly (despite specifying a range of radii so that they work in specific constraints), it doesn’t seem to be working with this particular assembly of surfaces.

I could rebuild a different way, but wasn’t sure what to try next. “patch” also doesn’t work as neatly as I’d like, since the outer curve needs to be precise as it’s fitting like a puzzle piece into the rest of the model, and “loft” also somehow doesn’t work well with these curves (creates weird folds). Is there a method of using fillet that I am not yet exploring? other ideas?


210702_network-srfs.3dm (975.1 KB)

Dear @m.sutter.zus

  • your surfaces are 506307.308 meters away from world origin - this might case problems as you loose 6 from estimated 12 digits of precision…
    the flanks that nearly continue:
    → you might profit from precisely define the positions where the flat / planar area starts
    → precisely define where the flanks continue (and form a single surface)
    → make sure you do not have edges that are close to 180 degree over a long distance, this will result in very tiny blends / fillets.

what is the purpose of the Data ?

if you want a fast solution just for rendering:
offset or offsetCrvOnSrf to get curves (blue) make the planar regions smaller _trim
or use
Split Isocurve
or offsetCrvOnSrf or Pipe as cutter
to make the flanks smaller

now you have some gabs

fill the gabs with _blendSrf
fill the corner with _patch or other workflows - you might want to search for y-Blend (cyan, the ugly part)

if it is production data you need an other approach

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