Surface Extrusion

Hey everyone! I’m having a problem to extrude a curved surface.

The problem is in the top view. How can I extrude without creating this error?


Upload the GH with data internalised.

What does that mean? I’m a begginer with grasshopper lol

You can start by reading this, especially item #3.

Thank you!! (12.9 KB)

Sorry I didn’t understand before!

Well the offset of the surface creates overlaps. Offset Curve works fine (what a miracle !) so I created a closed curve from those two borders and extruded it. (15.6 KB)

Thank you!!!

FORUM edited (15.9 KB)

My idea is to rebuild the offset curve, loft them, then extrude.
If you offset the curve, you will find out the curve has kink points. I guess those are the problem, so making them round is the solution.


Thank you a lot!!!