Issues with lofting a curve

I am at a beginner level in grasshopper and I am creating a chair for a class and need to create a thickness for my chair cushion which is curved. I have tried to loft, extrude, and offset the curve and everything I’ve tried either does not work, or there is spillage from of the surface (as seen in picture) that is lofted or offset that goes outside of the lines of the original shape I’m trying to recreate. I am unsure how to solve this and my professor seems to not know as well. I’m open to all suggestions!!

Attached is my rhino and grasshopper file
Thank you in advance!!
Chair Assignment (140.6 KB)

Hi @ogoreket01
the problem is how to create the main surface. look at this method

cantilever (22.4 KB)

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Thank you for your response! I ended up going with another chair as it was due today, but I will definitely be going back in to try this. Looks great!