Surface division

Hi all,

I’m trying to create a diagrid column arrange similar to the Lotte Super Tower from SOM. My issue is with the division of the surface whereby the horizontal division lines are curved not straight.

Also, is there a way for us to control division so that the division spacing is larger at the lower floors and smaller at the upper levels?

I’ve attached a reference image to my objective.


Lotte Super (7.1 KB)
Lotte Super Tower.3dm (70.5 KB)

like that? Requires Lunchbox plugin for Diamond grid. Can also be done without plugin, but with, it’s faster :smiley:

Lotte Super (9.8 KB)

Hi Tim,

I’ve managed to get the diagrid, but the issue is when the base which is a square and the top of the tower transitions to a circular shape, the lofted brep doesn’t allow proper diagrid subdivision.

As you can see, the horizontal lines are not straight.

Open my attached file :slight_smile: rebuilding the loft solves the problem

Thanks Tim!

Just understood the rebuild options for the loft!

As for the variability of the subdivision, how could we vary the diagrid height (i.e. taller at the bottom and smaller at the top) as we are currently dividing the diagrid by equal segments.