Unequal Surface Division

I am trying to divide a surface to match floor heights that I created in grasshopper by dividing a line by distance. Now I’m assuming I somehow need to convert that data to a domain to plug it into my SurfaceBox. I am unsure of how to do this and need help!

As you can see in the image, the floors below are 10’ apart, then there is a gap then the floors change to 11’. I would like the surface division to coorespond

In the image, the outlines of the floors are shown and in the red is a generic dividing of the domain to create a SurfaceBoxtower rev.gh (47.1 KB)

Take a look at the attachment.

tower rev_re.gh (51.4 KB)


Thanks for your help with this. It appears to work for the most part except that Closest Curve point doesn’t actually hit the correct floor heights and therefore the panels aren’t the correct heights.

I can’t seem to figure out any pattern in order to see why it’s unaligned. The distance difference also varies

You can do it without your floor sections…
Most important thing with this sort of surface domain division, is U & V directions of your base surface.
So, you’ll have to be careful about the method of your facade surface generation( the order of loft curves, etc…)

tower rev_reV2.gh (19.1 KB)