Grasshopper Code - Choosing alternate points

Hi all, we are trying to create the structural diagrid facade for capital gate and could use your help!

We have tried Lunchbox diagrid using a lofted surface but because the diagrid structure is specific to the different levels it is not accurate!

So we thought it would be possible to divide each floor into certain points and then connect those points per level using a certain code?

Each curve per “level” is equally divided

This is an example of how we are trying to draw a continuous line for all the different levels according to points on each curve (eg. Curve 1 Point 1 > Curve 2 Point 2 > Curve 3 Point 3… and so on)

We have done a code but it does not create a seamless line from the base to the top.
Grasshopper File (11.0 KB)

Few ways of doing this but from where your script is at a shift list is the simplest. (15.9 KB)

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