Editing Diagrid Structure

Hi! I am new to using grasshopper/lunchbox for rhino and I am trying to create the capital gate tower model!

I’m currently having issues trying to create a diagrid structure that is aligned to each level (floor slab). However, because the diagrid script from LunchBox is created from a surface as a facade, the grids do not align with the floorslabs.

The building is also slanted so that might have caused an issue to the alignment.

Attached are the relevant rhino and grasshopper scripts! :slight_smile:

Additionally, another method that I considered was using points instead of lunchbox but I have no idea how to connect them diagonally or even where to begin

grasshopper tower.3dm (64.6 KB) grasshopper tower.gh (9.5 KB)

tower_2020Feb22a.gh (24.4 KB)

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Hi Joseph!
Thank you for the reply! I will try the code out and let you know how it goes!!

Can I ask what does the group “Sort by Z” create?

Well, it does just what it says. Sorts the surface sections in each “column” by their Z value, or height above the ground. Not strictly necessary but I prefer things to be neat.

By the way, the second SrfSplit is quite slow so you can disable it to see just the curves.


Hi Joseph,
I have tried the file but I realised that the diagrid structure does not intersect exactly at the floor horizontal contour (floor slab) lines as shown in the image below.

I thought perhaps it could be because only a few curves were inputed, so I decided to add all the floor slab surves into the “Crv” node.

However, rhino/grasshopper gave me something else!

These are the files that I was working on!
contour.gh (29.8 KB)
contour.3dm (207.0 KB)

Your input would be greatly appreciated!

You think? Yeah, that has A LOT to do with it. :man_facepalming: I worked with the geometry you gave me, five “floors” instead of the 41 floors in your latest (which you could have internalized instead of posting another .3dm file). Your new list of curves (“floors”) is not sorted bottom to top, see purple group.

tower_2020Feb24a.gh (138.0 KB) (curves/“floors” are internalized)

A different method for shifting the points on each floor is needed for finer control, using Seam, but I can’t be bothered. I’m not getting paid nearly enough for this.