Surface Curvature using grasshopper


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Hello all,

I am trying to analyse the curvature of this vase - image and gh definition attached.

I have tried the component surface curvature (however this does not work). I have noticed changing the loft options makes a difference. However - I need the loft option to stay at 3 and still be able to generate a colour output which relates to the curvature of the vase. Your help would be much appreciated.

All the best!

Vase (29.9 KB)


You need to use ‘Srf CP (Closest Point)’ as input for ‘Surface Curvature’. Then I noticed that curvature was mostly the same due to what appeared to be a few points with extreme values that were distorting the results, so I added ‘Eval’ to filter large values: "if(x>y,y,x)" (27.4 KB)

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Hello Joseph,

Thank you very much for your help. This works!

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I know that this is an old topic but I am having the same problems but with another surface of coarse. Could you maybe explain the above solution further as it does not work on my surface and I need it as a general solution.

Thanks (14.8 KB)


To filter out the extreme negative value, I added “abs()” (absolute value) around the ‘x’ value in your Eval expression: “if(abs(x)>y,y,x)” (13.8 KB)

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Thank you Joseph. It also works on other surfaces as I needed.