Triangles attractor point on a surface

hi everyone,

does someone already have and willing to share a definition similar to the pattern in the attached images?

Looks like an attractor point on a surface divided to triangles. I have something similar but cant get it right like the pattern in the image. Can somebody please help?

thanks in advance

Have a look at the attachment. (12.1 KB)


Hey sir,

thank you so much for the help!! really appreciate it!
I just have a few questions if it’s not too much bother…
I need to apply the definition on a surface created in rhino, so I added a surface component to the definition, however nothing has changed. in addition, I seem to have an older version of grasshopper than the one you used, so some components are missing. is there any way you can tell me if there are similar components that I can replace with? I’m adding my modified definition and some pics to demonstrate.
again thank you so much

001.3dm (160.5 KB)GradientScaling_re__RHINO SURFACE (14.9 KB)

I just followed the image that was attached. You’ll need to plug in the multiplication component. Then I culled it down to get just the curves and added fillet. Big thanks to @HS_Kim.

GradientScaling_re__RHINO SURFACE (13.4 KB)


HS_Kim thank you so much!! this is exactly what I was trying to achieve! really appriciate it

thank you Stratosfear!