Control Random Reduce falloff?

Herringbone (87.6 KB)

Hi, I’m currently trying to feather out a facade tile pattern from a specified curve.
The idea being the herringbone pattern will be completely solid within the curve and then fade out from there.

On the Left Below you can see the desired effect i’m trying to achieve,

I’ve managed to get this to work with a simple rectangular grid example but am struggling with how to do it with a predefined set of objects i.e. this custom herringbone pattern

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated, Thanks

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Check these two methods…

Herringbone (159.4 KB)

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Here’s another example:

Herringbone Reduce (86.3 KB)

It’s highly customisable through different settings, but in my opinion a herring bone pattern would profit more from a linear attractor than the rectangle. The herring bone pattern is already pretty intricate and the falloff in more than two directions sometimes produces weird patterns that seem to stand in the way of the falloff effect.

Example with a more linear curve attractor:

Herringbone Reduce (88.8 KB)

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