[Solved] Need help using FilletEdge

Hi guys,

I am Ron from Germany, trying to understand the FilletEdge command.

Hope someone can help to understand why my 3d object is not filleting the way i want it to.
I just drew a tube and cut a rectangle shape using “wirecut” out of it.
Now i would like to smooth all edges with “filletedge” at 0.3mm

it should be very easy to round the edges, but the fillets always stay as a surface.
Like this:

I attached my sample file for better understanding.

I’d really appreciate if someone could help me to understand, how i can round those edges correctly.

example.3dm (15.7 MB)

Do you have TrimAndJoin=Yes in FilletEdge? It looks like you may have it set to No instead. It appears on the command line after selecting the edges to be filleted.

Hi Ron,

It is easy to do. Rhino has some problems using the same radius at the same time for different edges.

Try to make a bigger fillet at the inner radius first. Then proceed with the other edges in german “Kettenkanten”


Even try to use right click on the fillet icon. It starts the command “_BlendEdge” which gives you “class-A-Style” Edges - smooth :slight_smile:

best regards

All the edges filleted with 0.3 mm radius for me. No need to make any fillets larger.

I copied the base object to a new layer then:
Selected all the edges using a box with the cursor

example fillet edge DC.3dm (15.3 MB)

Thank you so much.

Didnt’ know that I have to make a fillet of the inner radius first.
Now it works perfectly!

Thank you!

Thank you david also!
I now have a better understanding of the filletedge command.


For this problem you don’t need to make a fillet of the inner radius first. In this example making all the fillets at once works.